Five Reasons You Should Invest In The Stock Market



Are you scared away from reading this article? Don”t be. Everyone (18 as well as over mind you ) can purchase the stock market, no matter job, education and site… and its easy! Whether you are a work at home mom, a blogger, entrepreneur, student or what have you, investing in trading stocks is as simple as locating a product you use and predicting the business will come out something newer and better.


I”m 18 years of age and I hold $1,500 valuation on stocks in a brokerage account. I know you are considering every one of the bad economic news that is out, and truly the height with the crash arrived early January. I started my trading account on January 1st, and i also have positive gains to date. If you haven”t put serious thought into buying stocks, the time has come.


Here are five clear-cut reasons you shouldn”t be scared to purchase stocks:


1. The “Big Dogs” Do not want You To Its an undeniable fact. Plain and simple, the big market players (mutual funds, investment banks, stock advisers, etc.) do not want you messing around in their rich-man”s game which is a market which they used to control. Slowly, but steadily, a great number of are owning stocks… and for good reasons! The stock exchange is the best way to make money ever created, and it is totally available to the public. If you believe you are too inexperienced to own stocks, reconsider! One thing that basically benefits small investors is they don”t move the marketplace. When you trade, nobody will see that impact… so you can basically sneak in and out of companies taking profits off the table right and left.


I want to begin to see the age when everyone plays trading stocks. I think that it”s coming earlier than we expect. It”s not only a fun, gambling experience, owning stock will educate you in the ways businesses work! Automobile 18 years old student can figure this game out, you can too! 😉


2. Trading stocks Typically Goes Up Don”t always believe the recession-doomsday hype. It”s true, in fact, that through the entire history with the stock market, the average recession has seen S&P Index returns of 3.14% during the actual recession, and also 28.20% three years forward in the first warning signs of recession. Trading stocks has the ability to weather a storm, and it may seem like the most brutal hit was already served up…although we will fall a little further. The purpose of the matter is the fact that as long as you are investing in the right areas, you need to be recession-proofed enough to generate money regardless of the macroeconomic conditions at play.


3. It”s Cheap and Cost effective for Invest Now!


Over the past decade, tons of discount brokers happen to be cutting their rates to encourage you tp utilize their services and invest. Equity trading has gotten faster, cheaper and simpler than ever in the 21st century! There are services like that offer $0 commission fees, and more reputable and established brokers that charge a meager $7.99/trade. When it comes to you are probably gonna be buying stocks that cost a total of $250-1000 per purchase, the commission fees are a blip on the radar.


These discount brokers (or premium if you”re interested) offer fast, reliable services that basically do all of it for you. I will be with Scottrade currently, and they”ve programs they provide you with for free to examine stocks, see what experts say, and they even track all your taxable gains for you personally. It is easier than ever to sign up to have an account and deposit as low as $500 to get on the way! Check out my “getting started” post to learn more.


4. Potential Upside Outweighs Downside Risk


Plenty of my friends at Penn State are reluctant to get into the stock market game. They claim they are “just not ready” or “too scared to produce a first move”… I label this a load of garbage. Investing just isn”t about allowing it to all ride on lucky seven. When you buy a stock, you have a piece of that company, when the stock price falls, it goes down… however , you shouldn”t be losing anymore than 20% of the initial investment at any rate. Your money is generally safe in stocks, so stop worrying while focusing on the upside!


Now, I want to mention my portfolio”s performance in 2008. In the beginning, I was on a horrendous focus on everything trading upon poor news. Recently, everything has nearly balanced out and i also am actually sitting on a gain! We have stocks like Yamana Gold We have profited a lot more than 26% on in a month, and stocks like NVidia where I”m down 15.5%. The thing is, you have your winners and your losers. Go ahead and take bad with all the good plus you”ve got a favorable amount of upside in comparison to downside. Should you play your cards right, you will notice more money than surfing the net could ever bring you.


5. It”s Easy and People Desire to Help You


I”ve mentioned exactly how easy it”s to get started inside the stock market. Stock brokers like TD Ameritrade, Scottrade and Charles Schwaub are practically throwing themselves at the feet. People want to help you nowadays, and it”s also so easy to get going you won”t believe the eyes. If you don”t know where to invest, start CNBC for an hour. Seriously. Jim Cramer? Quick money? These programs are chock-full of investment ideas which are well researched. It simply becomes your work to look into these stocks much more to make sure they may be right for you.

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